I would love to share with you some useful resources, communities and events.


Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance was founded in February 2019 with a mission of uniting product marketers across the globe. And it did just that. Their mission – to elevate the role of product marketing. They organize various events, podcasts, educations. There is a lot of great templates available for members, blog is great, and you can join Slack community also! Check out reports also, such as The State of Product Marketing!

My session from Product Marketing Rendezvous:

[SaaS] In-Product Engagements – Lead Customers to the AHA! Moment – Drive Adoption and Retention from Maja Blažek on Vimeo.


lucas weber pmm

The Product Marketing Manager: Responsibilities and Best Practices in a Technology Company by Lucas Weber

It’s a quick read, I recommend it to those who are thinking about PMM career, organizations which think about hiring a PMM team or to anyone else who wants to understand it better. It walks you through the basics of product marketing and how they can work in tandem with other teams in the organization. For those who work in PMM, there are also some useful tips and ideas! Explore on Goodreads – I have it on my Kindle

Some quotes:

⭐️ “The best explanation I have heard for the difference between a PM and PMM is that it is the PM’s job to get a product onto the shelf, while it is the PMM’s job to get it off the shelf.”
⭐️ “If you have satisfied customers, why not nurture them into becoming advocates and evangelists for your brand by giving them a platform to promote your products?”
⭐️ “While various markets and verticals may require tweaked versions of the messaging, keeping the messaging as consistent as possible across all channels is the ultimate goal. The messages that you deliver about your product should be the same across all materials as well as within the product itself.”

Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It by April Dunford
I really love April, she is a real guru for positioning! I won’t go much into details, just read the book!