My name is Maja Blazek, I live in Croatia, a beautiful country full of nice people, beautiful nature and good food.

I am a product marketing enthusiast who loves working in dynamic business environment, always ready to learn & meet new people. I have 7+ years of experience in digital marketing and product marketing. I led product marketing teams in B2B SaaS companies with customers worldwide, worked on go-to-market strategy, big product launches, and adoption and retention strategies. For me Product Marketing is like when I was playing with lego bricks with my friends when I was a kid. You need to be creative, collaborative and open-minded, and work with your friends from product, sales and marketing to build your little masterpiece around the product, a problem-solving impactful story. 

In my free time I love sports, camping, photography, music and traveling. Whenever I can I listen to some webinar, read a book, visit a conference and attend seminars.

My Tip for PMMs

Be the ambassador of PMM inside your company, especially if it is a big one. Meet as much people you can from the magic triangle – sales/csm, marketing, product team and make your mission team. Talk to customers whenever you have that opportunity, understand them to be able to create an impactful story around your product.

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Join the Community

I am also a Product Marketing Alliance ambassador. PMA was founded in March 2019 and has since evolved into the world’s biggest product marketing community. Their Slack channel and meetups unite 1,000s of PMMs all over the world and their mission is very simple: to promote and elevate the role of product marketing. So join the community!